Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Family Vacation

Family vacation can be a challenge for a kink couple.  Master and I enjoy our family very much, but we also enjoy our alone time, naked time, M/s time.  The children and I went to Chicago to visit Master.  He's been working there for more than a month now, and also I've always wanted to see Chicago.  Since two of the girls are older teenagers, we were able to get a second room for the girls to stay in.  We did spend a lot of the time with the girls, but we did have a couple of nights alone. 
The first night was pretty much straight up, regular sex, mostly because we have been away from each other for so long and couldn't wait to feel each other again.  However, Master has been saying that He wanted me to fight Him, make Him have to take it.  I used this opportunity to give that a try.  I started pushing Him away, telling Him no, He couldn't have it and slapping at His arms.  Obviously that heightened His arousement, He grabbed me by my throat and and really took it!  He was thrusting so hard, it was taking my breath (in a good way).  Very, very hot indeed!
The second night Master set up the video camera!  I knew I was in for some fun!  Master had me kneel in front of Him and the camera and suck his cock first.  Then He broke out the flogger.  Master had me get on the bed, get on my hands and knees facing the camera as He began to run the flogger against the skin on my back and my ass.  He began flogging my ass, leaving red streaks on the cheeks of my ass.  On some strokes, the tips of the flogger were wrapping around and just slapping against my ass hole.  That was a bit stingy.  Master decided to put my blind fold on to deprive my senses. He had me sit up so that He could slap my tits with the flogger.  I cupped my breasts and held them out for Him to get some good stripes on them.  As Master marked my body for His pleasure, my pussy became wetter and wetter.  Master then inserted my medium butt plug.  My ass hadn't had anything in it for a while so it was difficult for Him to get it in, but He kept pushing it harder and harder until it finally entered.  He continued flogging me for a little longer, then He wanted another blow job.  He walked around to the front of the bed to be sure the camera got a good shot of Him grabbing me by my hair and shoving His cock down my throat.  Master let me come up for air and a couple of strokes of His cock then shoved His cock down my throat again as I gagged and struggled for air.  I could hear Him talking to me, telling me how good it felt.  Those are the words I long for.  Although I had to come up for air every so often, I was ready for more just to please Him.  I could feel the head of His dick entering my throat again and again, it made me gag, but I still wanted more.  It was over too quickly.  Master pulled me up onto the bed on all fours again.  This time He began playing with my clit, talking to me, asking me if I was ready to cum yet.  By this time I was so entranced by His voice, I can barely remember if I answered, but I would assume I said yes.  He pulled His hand away from my pussy and TOLD me to cum.  Next thing I knew I was cumming, squirting right on the bed, no physical contact at all.  Master was very proud of me! I made Him proud! I did it, I came for Him without anything except His voice, His command.  I could hardly believe it myself.  Damn, I'm proud of me!  After this, Master turned the video camera off.  We talked about what just happened for a bit, kissed and cuddled for a while.  I still had to get Master off.  After all that work, He still hadn't cum.  He laid on the bed and called me to Him.  I climbed up on top of Him in the reverse cowboy position (I think that's what it's called), but He entered my ass instead of my pussy.  It was a little difficult at first, it was the first time I had done this anally in that position.  Once I got positioned and started riding Him though, OMG, it was amazing.  He was fucking my ass so hard and so deep, I came twice and soaked His balls with my cum.  After Master finally came, I climbed down off of Him and I was trembling, exhausted and completely used up.  I love being Master's slave, I love being His little fuck toy, I love being HIS.
Yes, family vacations can be a bit tricky, but this one was one for the books.   Best vacation I have EVER had, hands down!! 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Home Again ;)

Master was home again this weekend.  His birthday is coming up, and while He was out of town, I bought Him His first flogger for His present.  Of course since He's only home every 4 weeks for the most part, I couldn't wait until His actual birthday to give Him His present.  He was so happy with it.  He had to try it out as soon as possible. 
We woke up early Saturday morning.  Master started playing with my clit, bringing me to the brink of orgasm, then He'd stop just long enough for me to compose myself, then He'd do it again.  After several long minutes of torture, He finally told me to cum.  I did as He commanded while He continued the attack on my clit.  My orgasm squirted at least 3 feet, it was so strong and lasted what seemed like forever.  Master then demanded a blow job.  I took His fat cock in my mouth, getting it good and wet like He likes.  As He became more and more excited, He grabbed the back of my head and shoved His cock down my throat, fucking my mouth and throat while I gagged and choked on his hard cock.  Now that's the kind of blow job He loves, and I really enjoyed it as well.  He's never been one to force His cock down my throat before, but this time He did and it was so hot and erotic.  I had expressed my desire to be throat fucked a couple weeks before, and He was happy to oblige!  He stopped me before He ejaculated because He wanted other things, including using the flogger.  He made me suck His balls.  I would take them each into my mouth one after the other, licking and sucking them while He watched me.  He rolled over me, and while He was rolling over, I saw the perfect opportunity to lick His cute little ass hole.  I grabbed Him by His hips and dug my tongue deep in His ass.  I think I caught Him by surprise a little, but He gave in, at least for a few seconds.  His legs started trembling, and started pulling away from me.  I begged Him to let me lick His hole a little longer.  He wouldn't let me, He rolled over and put my mouth back on His cock.  He told me He might let me have His ass again later on, but for now He wanted to try His new toy.  He started spanking me with His hand.  Each swat on my ass would sting for a moment, then it was incredibly pleasurable.  Then He picked up the flogger.  This is His first flogger, and my first time being flogged.  I didn't know what to expect, but I knew He wanted to flog me and I must submit.  He began flogging my ass cheek, right then left, then He would drag the flogger along the back of my leg and across my back.  Wow, this little implement was pretty intense, very stingy, but it was still very much hot and exciting.  I guess maybe I'm more masochistic than I ever thought.  Master whipped me until my ass was red and striped, and I was so wet and ready for Him.  Master finally took me, he used my plug in my pussy and then fucked my ass hard while holding my throat, taking me like his possession, his little sex toy.  That's exactly what I needed, all I ever want is to feel like His slut, His toy to play with whenever He wants, however He wants.  He came inside me while my orgasm overtook me.  The perfect ending !!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Long, Dry Spell

It's been a while since I've written.  It's been a while since I've been with Master!  He was here this past weekend.  It was the first time I've seen Him since Christmas!  Poor man had to drive 18 hours to get home, and that after a week of switching over to working nights which had His sleeping schedule all mucked up anyway.  Amazing He made it without incident.
When He got in, we were all waiting on Him at the road!  He was quickly covered in hugs and kisses from me and the children!  He was so tired.  I had cooked dinner for Him, and that was the first matter to be taken care of.  After dinner, it was time for He and I to retire to the bedroom.  I honestly didn't expect any sort of sexual activity after such a long day.  However, it had been a month for both of us.  No matter how exhausted, Master was ready to have some slave time!  I laid on the bed next to Him.  He started playing with my clit.  It was already swollen and ready from all the edging He had me do daily for the past month.  I couldn't just let it go though.  He hadn't given me permission to cum.  He started pinching my nipples and slapping my breasts, then slapping my pussy and clit.  Unbelievable how erotic and sensual this felt.  I couldn't help but get turned on.  Master went down on my pussy with His mouth, licking and flicking my clit, bringing me right to the edge.  I had to keep my eyes open to keep from cumming.  Had my eyes closed, it would have been over!  Finally after minutes of torturing my clit with His tongue, He sat up and continued the attach with His fingers.  "Are you ready to cum puppet?".  "Yes, sir, please," I replied.   "OK, then cum puppet".  No sooner than the words had left His lips, my orgasm began and I squirted all over His hand, soaking the bed in a big puddle.  It seemed to continue for more than a minute!  He laid back, motioning for me to suck His cock.  I quickly got between His legs.  It had been so long, and his cock tasted so good in my mouth.  I licked it and sucked it and flicked my tongue over the head. Oh my God, it tasted so good.  I had missed this the most of all.  Master wasn't ready to cum yet though, He sat up and pulled me over His lap, putting His hand around my neck and fingering my pussy and ass.  He began talking in my ear, telling me how much He'd missed his little fuck puppet and how much He loved holding my life in His hand like this.  My insides were melting, and His fingers fucking me were building power and speed.  Master gave me permission to cum again, and I did completely soaking His hand and lap with my juices.  Master was so exhausted, He finally laid over and let me suck His cock again.  I took His cock deep in mouth to the back of my throat, sucking and licking, and tickling His balls with my fingers.  I was enjoying this so very much, because I missed His taste, and how His cock feels in my mouth.  After 20 minutes or so, Master gave me His load, He came in my mouth and I drank it down.  It was sweeter than I remembered, so yummy! 
After this, we curled up together, I rubbed and scratched His back until He drifted off in sweet sleep...and I did the same! 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

His Entertainment (pt. 3)

I'm not quite sure if this post should be a continuation of His Entertainment, or a new post about orgasm training.  It started out as just another task for His entertainment, but turned into something more.  Master has been introducing orgasm control.  Most of the time it has gone well.  So far, just one accidental release, but in my defense, it was early in the training and He brought it on...but I digress. 
Master called me after I had sent Him a text telling Him how wet my lady parts were from wearing the love balls in my bum and from some of His comments in previous texts.  He asked me how wet I was.  I told Him that I was extremely wet.  He told me to take my pants off and dip my fingers into my pussy, get them good and wet, then lick them clean.  "Yes, Sir," I replied and immediately got to my task. 
As I dipped one finger and then two into my wet, hot slit, I realized that I was beginning to create a tiny puddle.  I did as Master commanded, brought my fingers to my mouth and licked all of the sweet, salty nectar off of them.  "How was that, Puppet?" He asked.  "Mmm, Master, I'm so very wet and sweet for you Sir".  Master started talking, loudly, almost yelling, very dominant, demanding.  "Good, then get busy slut; play with yourself, roll your clit around and think of Me.  Think of Me eating that pussy, think of Me dipping my tongue into your hot ass.  You better be ready for me when I get home slut.  I'm going to tie you down to the bed,  face down with your face in the pillow so no one can hear you scream.  I'm going to put pillows under your hips so that My pussy and ass are up and open for Me to devour.  I'm going to tie your legs to either side of the bed so you're open and vulnerable.  You're going to struggle, but you won't be able to move, I'll be all over you.  I'm going to grab your ass cheeks with both hands and pull them apart and stick My tongue in your ass until you are screaming for mercy.  I'll be playing with your clit and put the vibrating toy in your pussy while I eat that ass until you're squirting, soaking the pillows and bed beneath you.  When you can no longer scream and no longer move, only then I may stop. Is this turning you on Puppet, are you ready to cum now, just listening to My voice?  CUM, RIGHT NOW."  Upon His command, my body gave in and torrents of pleasure rolled over me. Although I was playing with my clit, His words, His command made me convulse in orgasm.  I have no idea how I remembered as much of His conversation as I did.  My mind was His, almost hypnotized by His words.  I remember a lot of  "Yes, Sirs" and moans coming from my mouth, but they all ran together as I was concentrating on Him, completely immersed in His domination.  I must say, I made a nice little puddle on the bed...I sent a picture for His approval.  And all this from just a phone call.  He knows He has complete control over me.  My mind and body are giving in.  Master plans to have me orgasm without physical contact next time.  I'm a little nervous, afraid that my body won't respond as it should, only because I don't want to disappoint Him.  When it happens once, that will be the complete end to my free will, totally.  I'm so ready!

His Entertainment (pt.2)

Master is a man of His word.  One of the things that makes Him endearing.  First of all we had a very casual Skype session with Master, myself and our little one.  Lots of catching up with the important kindergarten work.  After a while, the little one went to play with her sister.  I took full advantage of this, I locked the door and tore my clothes off, hoping Master would let me cum, even just once to relieve this built up excitement.  Master instructed me to lay back so He could see my pussy as I manipulated my little clit.  I rubbed it slowly at first.  I still feel a little odd in front of the camera when it's live.  I know if I don't like how things go on a video, I can just delete it and make another.  With live, there is no "re-do". I rolled and massaged my little button, bringing myself close to orgasm. Master could see how close I was.  He told me to cum, cum right now.  My body tensed and I felt it start. It was a little tingle and in a moment, my pussy was wet with my juices.  It was a small O, but still some relief.  I was disappointed, I wanted to have a big one, to squirt everywhere, to make Him happy.  He was so good and kind and said that it was fine, that I was coming along and learning to respond to His voice.  I guess the big one will come along later, I just have to be patient and work with His voice and my body.
Since we didn't get to Skype until late, this session just turned into Skype Sleep.  Once again, I drifted off into bliss with Him by my side.   I slept for a few hours, but something stirred me around 2:00 a.m.  Got up, got a drink, all the normal things you would do in the middle of the night.  Sometime after I went to sleep, the computer got a mind of it's own again and updated which meant it shut down and closed our Skype Sleep.  :(  I couldn't get back to sleep.  I watched the Weather channel..that usually puts me right out...but not this time.  I turned the computer on again, but not wanting to wake Master, I just decided to check my Fetlife account.  I checked out my messages, one from a new kink friend, then I went and looked at Master's page just to see his face.  I posted on a few things, then sat the computer back down to try to sleep again.  About 30 seconds after I shut the computer lid, Master texted me...told me to go back to sleep. :)  He was awake and had seen me posting on Fetlife.  We texted back and forth a bit, discussing things that we had done to each other during our last visit, discussed Master making me cum for the first time ever by oral sex, how much it turned Him on, and how He loved making me clean my own juices from His face and beard.  I told Him how good it made me feel and I couldn't wait to do it again.  He said that this is my only freedom with Him, anytime I want Him to make me cum orally, I only have to ask.  I must have been a good girl for Him to give me such freedom.  Not that He can't or won't revoke that freedom if I were bad.  There's no way I am going to mess this up, I love what He does to me too much!
I told Him how much I needed Him and thanked Him for allowing me to wear my love balls in my ass all day, and that I could still feel the delicious after effects of them. I also thanked Him again for allowing me to cum earlier.  Master sent me a text that surprised me. He told me to go put the balls back in my ass, get the pink plug, set the computer  up and Skype Him.  Oh, that had me so excited, He was going to play with me again. I hurried and put the balls in my ass, grabbed the pink plug and set up the computer so He could see me.  His orders: Fuck my pussy with the plug and make myself cum for Him while He watched.  Wow, wow, wow, He was giving me a second opportunity to show Him my orgasm for Him.   My orgasm while feeling really good to my body, it is really His, it's for Him, it's about Him, I give it to Him.  Without my Master, I would have never known that I was capable of responding like this with such intense extasy. With my love balls in my ass, pink plug in hand, I began rubbing the plug up and down my pussy, then slowly worked it inside.  Starting slowly moving the plug in and out of my soft lips.  I could see His face while He watched me, intently staring at my love making techniques.  I know He is much more proficient at the art of sex and could have done such a better job, but with that not possible, I had to do it for Him.  Before long I was pumping that plug in and out, tweeking and rolling my clit, I began to feel the orgasm begin...this time much deeper than the one earlier, this one was going to be a much larger release.  I couldn't help but to cry out as my orgasm took me over, wave by wave, my pussy clenching the plug and squirting my love juices onto the floor in a puddle.  After my first orgasm I looked at Him for approval and further instruction.  His instruction was to continue.  I kept playing with my clit and fucked myself with the plug, "Harder", He commanded and I came again.   By the time I was working on my 3rd orgasm, Master had joined me, removing His shorts, His huge cock in His hand.  Just seeing Him jerking off to me sent me over the edge again.  Three orgasms so far, each one building on the other, coming so much quicker than I would have ever thought possible.  Still fucking myself, I was watching my Master, urging Him on, begging Him to cum, telling him to imagine me wrapping my lips and tongue around His throbbing member, "Please Sir, cum for me, cum with me Sir".  It began, Master had brought Himself to orgasm with my help and again I released one more final climax with Him, for Him.  Mmmmm, that was incredible.  We both tried to collect ourselves, clean ourselves up (as I was laying in a puddle), and just enjoy each other for a few more moments before going back to a much more relaxed sleep.   The only thing that could have made that better was if He was there with me, making love to me Himself. 
Thank you Sir and I hope I was of good service to you. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

His Entertainment

You ever feel like you're just there for someone else's entertainment?  Well for me, being Master's slave has a lot of those moments.  That is absolutely not a complaint.  This is exactly what I want and expect. I am here for Him to make Him happy.  If it means I am to keep Him entertained with sexy texts and videos while He is at work, nothing could make me happier!
Master has been gone for over two weeks now.  Each time He has to go back to His job, it gets so much harder.  The loneliness is terrible, the empty feeling like a part of me is missing.  Master feels much the same way if not worse at times.  We have to find ways to keep Him entertained and engaged.
Let's start with last night.  We have used Skype to chat, keep up with the children, and stare into each other's eyes like a couple of love struck teenagers.  However, through reading and research, I found that some people used Skype at night, next to the bed, as a way to virtually sleep with their loved one that was far away.  You just turn it on so you can see each other and sleep.  Sleep Skyping is what we are going to call it.  It may sound silly, but it is incredibly comforting.  I slept so much better!  With the internet connection we had, it disconnected sometime during the night...but the point is, it helped us both get to sleep. And, this morning when I woke up, I Skyped Him back so we could chat and I could watch Him get ready for work.  I can't explain how wonderful it was to have that time with Him.
This morning He asked me if I had been a good girl.  Well, yes, I have been.  I have done everything He's demanded, as expected.  His first order for today was to light a candle. Wellyou know where that is going! I was commanded to get undressed, put on my collar and slave bells, then drip the hot wax on my nipples and then send Him a picture.  I was so nervous and excited all at the same time.  I had been wanting to try the hot wax for some time, but I assumed that I would have to wait until Master was home and had the time to play with me.  I did as He ordered, I held the candle a couple of inches above my nipple and began pouring the hot liquid onto my nipple.  It felt so hot and delicious together, a little pain, but mostly pleasure.  I had to complete my task with the second nipple. All nervousness had melted away and all that was left was sheer excitement as I quickly turned my pink nipple white with the wax.  Immediately I snapped a few pictures and sent them to Him so proud of my handy work.  I got the text back that I crave, "Good girl."
My next task was another video, this time I was to insert my duotang balls into my pussy, lube my ass so that He could see it, then fuck my ass with the dildo while playing with my clit just to the edge of climax. I was allowed to scream if needed, but no orgasm.  Of course I did as He commanded, and I felt like such a slut; a slut for my Master.  That's exactly what He wanted.  I lubed my ass up, inserted the balls and fucked myself in the ass with that big dildo just to the edge.  I rolled my clit and pushed my little button until I almost, almost couldn't stop.  Mmmm, yes, I think that pleased Master.
The next assignment was to take the duotang balls from my pussy, clean them off in my mouth, insert them in my ass, insert another vibrating toy into my pussy, then play with my clit again on video and bring myself to the edge once again.  Oh my goodness. Master knows what an exhibitionist I am and He is just feeding my fire.  I want Him to see me, to see my sex, to see how much of a slut I am for Him.  All tasks were completed just as He commanded, and I must say it was so very hard to keep from squirting all over.  It was very close, and that's where He wants me all the time, right on the edge.
Master has promised that we will Skype tonight, not just Sleep Skype, but virtual sex with Him.  He says He might let me orgasm tonight.  That is yet to be seen.  To Be Continued:

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Missing Him

Never knew this would be so hard.  Master has been gone for a little over a week now. This time that is. Each trip seems to be a little longer.  Last time was a month. This time, who knows?  He has to be out of town for work, and not just a little out of town like I could jump in a car and be there in a few hours. More like I would have to jump on a plane and could be there in a few hours.  He took this job at the end of October...right before we decided to go 24/7 M/s.  Now, He's had other jobs out of town for a few weeks to a month before this, and yes I missed Him and it was hard.  But this time...this time is so much more difficult, so much more painful.  I feel like my heart is empty and ready to crack.  I have given myself to Him completely and although I know He's there for me and anything I may need, His physical absence is nearly impossible to deal with.  It's hurting Him too.  He wants to be here with me, training me, looking after me, playing with me. Knowing that He is hurting is almost too much for a slave to bear! 
I would give anything to be able to jump on a plane and be united with Him again. But being a slave is but one of my roles.  I have to be mother to our children too.  I'm tied here to the kids, and He is tied there to His job.  We text, sext, call and Skype but they are all just temporary fixes to our condition.  What I need, what we both need is actual physical contact.  I need to feel His hands on me, His arms around me, His hands tangled up in a handful of my hair telling me again that I am his property.  That just makes me melt.  I need to sit at His feet, to tend to His needs, to offer myself willingly as often as He pleases.   I die a little more inside every time we have to hang up the phone or end our Skype session.  Just wish this would get easier, or He was home more often! 
His employer is supposed to be putting Him on a job closer to home withing a couple of months.  I just hope we can both hold out.  I know a couple of months doesn't seem like a long time, but we spent way too many years looking for each other.  Two more months is like an eternity to us.  Hopefully I will be able to go to Him in a week or two...only for the weekend.  It's better than not seeing Him, but it hurts so much to leave! It's hard to be happy and ready to play when you know in two days you have to leave again!  Wish I were independently wealthy, I could fly to Him every weekend.  I think that would eliminate some of the pain. Then again, if I were independently wealthy, He wouldn't have to work to begin with!
Anyway, I believe the depth of this pain is so profound because of the life we've chosen to live.  Just a wife missing a husband is terribly painful, but for a slave who depends on her Master for everything; He is her reason to BE a slave, it's devastating.  At least it is for this slave! 
I know He will read this.  I know He feels this pain too, because without a slave, He has no one to Master.  I am the reason that He exists, and He is my existence!  I love Him more than I could ever put into words, but that He already knows!

Puppet <3